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Hello everyone
I'm Mario, retired, with a passion for walking and hiking, in the mountains, on the hills and everywhere even in the cities.
I am convinced that to know and enjoy the places is to walk in them.
"on foot you can".
In this period of COVID Pandemic I thought of making (self-taught) this website (
Where I entered many of my excursions made on foot ; I will also insert the new (retired) that I will do, I hope.
I hope that this site will be to the liking of all current and future walker friends.
My goal and desire is to make many places known through walks and excursions that reveal and rediscover the beauty and charm of our wonderful local territories and in general of Italy.  
The places I know best, are first of all the nearby ones where I live and where I was born.
First of all the Valpolicella, the Lessinia, the Monte Baldo chain, Lake Garda, the Veronese hills where I did many walking routes
So I grouped these walks by area (Valpolicella, Lessinia, Garda Baldo, Verona Colline) that you can see and choose and wanting to do.
Each walk and path is described in a simple way (I'm not good at writing) with simple indications but also with my impressions and emotions accompanied by photos and videos and with this information:
  • Departure and Arrival Point (GPS coordinates)
    length in KM
    elevation gain meters
    average travel time
    degree of difficulty
    type of terrain (path, dirt road, asphalt, trail track)
    Elevation profile graph
    Route map
    Dining options and or water
    Map maps / maps by geographical area.

also if you want you can consult the page of my profile (by clicking on the menu item: INFO under construction) to know a little more about me, such as:
since I started the walk and the areas where I walked and trekking
the friends with whom I have shared over the years my passion for the mountains
The philosophy of walking and walking thoughts

ciliegi in fiore
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