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"Caprino Veronese Spiazzi: Exploring Lake Garda and Monte Baldo on Foot"
Villa Carlotti - Municipio di Caprino Veronese
Dear walking friends for each municipality of Lake Garda and Monte Baldo I have listed all the walks and excursions made over time.
In the table below you will find the walks / excursions listed by place of departure, length in km, uphill difference in height, travel times, difficulty or degree, locality / districts / hamlets
here is the table of walks and excursions in the Municipality of Caprino Veronese
Choose your walk, clicking on it will take you to the dedicated page with images, videos, description and map
sintesi percorso/località
Spiazzi3,21501/2 oreModerateSpiazzi- Monte Cimo - Trincee e postazioni 15-18
Braga7,25503/oreModerateBraga -Pradonego-sorasengi- concerto
Gaon9,23002 ore 30'EasyGaon - Vilmezzano - Renzon - Pazzon

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